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#comac4water: Comac solutions for water recycling
Water is a precious commodity, especially as the quantity of fresh water available to the inhabitants of the planet is constantly decreasing. It is a substance that is used in large quantities even during the simplest cleaning operations. Comac has always been very conscientious about this issue and for this reason responds to the problem of protecting water with solutions that aim to preserve it. Recycling water is the solution the company believes in and from which started to develop the #comac4water concept.
Why is it important to recycle water? Because it allows us to preserve a very important asset both for humans and for the planet. Recycling and reusing water does not only mean reducing the environmental impact of cleaning operations, but also reducing the related costs.
Comac offers two solutions for water recycling: a recycling system installed on board the C85 NSC scrubbing machine and InAqua, an external purification system that cleans the water used during cleaning tasks. The #comac4water concept therefore consists of two systems to offer a solution for the recycling and reuse of water both to those who want to purchase a new floor scrubbing machine, but also to those who already own it. The real revolution lies in the integrated use of these two systems: C85 Non Stop Cleaning and InAqua, to reuse water over and over again.