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Comac Electrostatic Disinfector

Improve efficiency, clean and sanitize in one step, choose Comac Electrostatic Disinfector


Scrubbing machines with CED - Comac Electrostatic Disinfector, can carry out both the cleaning and the sanitizing phase simultaneously.

In one single step it is possible to perform floor cleaning and at the same time the sanitization both of floors and vertical surfaces.

The CED kit allows a considerable reduction of costs, time and labour.

Sweeping scrubbing machines equipped with CED allow, in a single pass, to sweep, scrub, dry and sanitize.

There are always different requirements of use for sanitization, from the floor to the vertical surfaces. The selection of the nozzles and the complete adjustability of the upper turbines allows to adapt the intervention to the specific needs. The separate activation of the nozzles allows you to choose where to distribute the disinfectant solution, at the top or bottom or both. In addition, for the upper turbine it is possible to choose whether to spray right or left or in both directions.

The CED kit is the ideal solution for sanitizing vertical and horizontal surfaces of production lines, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, logistic premises, train stations, ports and airports.

With Comac Fleet Care, in addition to normal cleaning operations, sanitization interventions can also be tracked.

The floor scrubbers equipped with CED and CFC, allow you to record the sanitization activities directly on the CFC portal, from which you can obtain the reports to demonstrate the sanitization interventions. The reports highlight the start and the end of the sanitization activity, so as to be able to demonstrate how it is carried out.

Electrostatic technology

The upper turbines of the CED kit use electrostatic technology that allows you to coat a surface quickly and uniformly with a sanitizing solution. The loaded particles repel each other, therefore they are kept at a uniform distance from each other, but at the same time they are attracted to the surface to be treated. The force of the charged particles is greater than the force of gravity, so they are immediately attracted to the surface and do not fall on the ground.

The attraction, therefore, ensures that all the particles of the solution settle on the surface and that a uniform 360° coverage is created, without skipping any area.

With an electrostatic charge spray, the entire area can be reached evenly, also the most hidden points. The electrostatic particles completely cover the surface, sanitizing every part of it.

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