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Automotive Sector

AutomotiveCar Washes, Motorway Service Areas, Car Parks, Car Showrooms

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm
  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
Automotive Automotive
For a family, the purchase of a car is a significant outgoing from the point of view of the family budget, but it's also gratifying.
So it's important that your car showroom is flawlessly clean when customers arrive. A clean, correctly sanitised environment gives added value to your company image. A sparkling showroom floor will enhance the presentation of your cars.

Comac scrubbing machines and single disc machines will help you to highlight the sheen of your showroom floors. In this case, the cleaning operations are limited to maintenance work, without any special machine requirements (e.g. extra brush pressure); the specific nature of the task is the most important thing.

For instance, it's important to work with a scrubbing machine fitted with a water and detergent dosing system (CDS - Comac Dosing System) that reduces the quantity of washing solution while guaranteeing the best cleaning results. CDS also lets you use small amounts of specific detergents, to avoid leaving a dangerously slippery coating on the floor.

Comac scrubbing machines wash and dry in one single passage, thereby eliminating the time wasted while waiting for the floor to dry. The machine is able, in fact, to both wash and dry at the same time. This fact is fundamental when you want to clean the floor just a few minutes before opening the showroom.

For the most demanding customers, Comac can offer walk-behind scrubbing machines with a built-in battery-charger. This means the machine can be recharged wherever there is a normal electricity socket, without having to go to a specific place requiring the installation of a traditional battery-charger.

For car service environments (mechanical workshops etc.) on the other hand, Comac recommends those scrubbing machines with increased brush pressure, producing excellent washing results. The largest model of the Comac walk-behind scrubbing machines offers a brush pressure of up to 50 kg.

For cleaning and suction operations in car interiors, Comac, recommends the CA2.60/3.60/3.100 single-phase vacuum cleaner.
It's a very powerful vacuum cleaner that lets you perform accurate cleaning tasks in the shortest possible time. The possibility to use it with a number of accessories makes it particularly versatile.