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Food Sector

Warehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Abattoirs, DairiesWarehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Abattoirs, Dairies

  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
  • Surfaces of BIG dimensions 3,000-10,000 sqm
Warehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Abattoirs, Dairies Warehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Abattoirs, Dairies
In the food sector, you have to respect the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene requested by the continuous, strict controls. Comac machines are designed with special characteristics to meet these requirements.

For example, the scrubbing machines have a special tank which means they can be used with acid or alkaline-type detergents, even concentrated. With the new measuring system CDS (Comac Dosing System), you can regulate the quantity of water and detergent according to the dirt you need to remove, guaranteeing quick cleaning and excellent results.

In addition, Comac scrubbing machines wash, dry and sanitise in one single step, leaving behind a perfectly dry floor which is protected against any risk of slipping.

Comac sweeping machines are also designed to guarantee excellent results, using filtering and drainage systems that increase the level of autonomy and maintain performance levels over time.

Comac's experience in the cleaning field has shown that to keep hygiene standards high, it's important to clean and sanitise the machine at the end of each work cycle.
The company's products are designed to carry out these operations in the shortest possible time and with the best results. Thanks to their special form, the tanks can be cleaned easily and quickly, autonomously draining even the last drop of water from the recovery tank and therefore ensuring excellent machine sanitation in just a short time.

Daily cleaning operations are simplified. Regular cleaning is an important aspect of the scrubbing machines. In this connection, Comac squeegees are really easy to disassemble and reinstall.