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Horeca Sector

HorecaFast Food Outlets, Bars, Restaurants, Small Guest-houses, Catering Services, Kitchens, Beds&Breakfasts

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm
Horeca Horeca
As yet, there are still few public sector managers aware of the enormous advantages to be obtained from using mechanised floor-cleaning methods. Many are convinced that the only way of resolving this problem is the classic mop and bucket system - still widely used.
Why go on using manual cleaning methods when you can obtain better cleaning and hygiene results in half the time, and with half the effort?

The solution offered by Comac is called Vispa 35, the small, revolutionary scrubbing machine which allows for washing, sanitising and drying in one single passage, in one single step. That's right - while it's washing and sucking in the dirt, the machine dries at the same time. Internal company tests have shown that, when used in normal dirt conditions (maintenance cleaning), the small Comac scrubbing machine eliminates 76% of dirt compared with the 35% from manual methods.
And this percentage increases enormously if the treatment is carried out frequently.

Vispa 35 is also an improvement on manual cleaning systems because the latter, in the long term, can have negative repercussions on the health of the operators.
In fact Vispa 35, thanks to its ergonomics, protects the operator from stress on the spinal column, guaranteeing comfort and safety: the user is not subjected to physical stress and the time needed to perform the cleaning operations is notably reduced, thereby increasing productivity by 30%.
In addition, hygiene quality is improved by 100%: the dirt is completely removed in one single passage.