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Industrial Sector

Light and heavy industryMechanical Workshops, Foundries, Steelworks, Brickworks, Cement works, Prefabricated Constructions

  • Surfaces of BIG dimensions 3,000-10,000 sqm
Light and heavy industry Light and heavy industry Light and heavy industry
The most difficult dirt conditions on floors are definitely those found in the world of heavy industry. Think, for example, of the engineering factories or the foundries.
To resolve these conditions, you need to use professional machines with good washing and suction power.
This is why Comac features machines capable of resolving any dirt conditions, even on extended surfaces, within its range of scrubbing machines and sweeping machines.

All Comac scrubbing machines offer the possibility to regulate the brush pressure, and on some models (C130, Ultra 100/120) you can also obtain greater washing power - pressure up to 180kg - for the most stubborn dirt.
With the cylindrical brush models (known as sweeper-washers), small solid debris such as screws, bolts, cigarette butts and so on can be removed from the floor.
The larger machines of the range are also fitted with very powerful suction motors that guarantee top drying performances.
If you need to clean up large surfaces without washing them, the powerful sweeping machines CS100/120 of Comac may be used. Characteristics like high productivity levels and reliability make them ideal for environments requiring strong, continuous suction.

Comac also offers a wide range of very powerful Three-Phase Vacuum Cleaners which are particularly adapted to the suction of any type of residue, whether in the form of powder or liquid, such as special oils. The Comac industrial vacuum cleaners were designed for continuous and heavy use. They are highly productive and some models - thanks to their power level - can be used with 2 suction nozzles at the same time.
If you need to remove dust with a low potential risk of explosion, you can use the Atex model, specifically designed for this type of task.