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Public Sector

Public SectorRailway and Underground Stations, Airports, Military Bases, Barracks, Canteens, Municipalities, Military Kitchens, Refectories, Barracks, Rifle Ranges

  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
  • Surfaces of BIG dimensions 3,000-10,000 sqm

EducationalSchools, Universities, Religious Institutions, Small Churches, Nursery Schools, Libraries

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm
Public Sector
The cleaning operations you perform in the public sector are fundamental. It's important to keep cleaning standards high in places with considerable to-ing and fro-ing, and different types of dirt on the floors.

Thanks to its complete range of machines, Comac can satisfy all your cleaning requirements. The company has models suitable for both small, cluttered areas and large surfaces. From the smallest scrubbing machine (perfect for cleaning classrooms or university premises) to the largest sweeping machine of the range (ideal for large outdoor areas such as barracks parade grounds) or ride-on scrubbing machines for airports.

The challenge that Comac has pursued over recent years is that of exploiting the experience built up in the industrial field, transferring it to small environments.
The challenge was won with the advent of a revolutionary product, Vispa 35, the small scrubbing machine offering professional cleaning results on surfaces from about 400 to 1,200 sqm.
So kitchens, canteens and small churches of this size can now replace their traditional cleaning systems with Comac products purposely designed for such places.

The Advantages?
There are many, of course!
First and foremost, a drastic reduction in cleaning times. Most of the time spent carrying out normal floor-cleaning operations can now be used to do something else and make personnel more productive, thanks to Vispa 35.
What's more, the dirt particles are fully removed from the floor and collected in a special recovery tank that can easily be emptied at any time.