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Food Sector

Retail (Small surfaces to clean up)Supermarkets, Grocery shops, Delicatessens

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm
Retail (Small surfaces to clean up)

Mass retailing (GDO) - Large surfaces to clean upSupermarket Chains, Hypermarkets, Shopping Centres, Shipping Agents, Department Stores

  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
  • Surfaces of BIG dimensions 3,000-10,000 sqm
Mass retailing (GDO) - Large surfaces to clean up
For many aspects, the mechanisation of cleaning operations in this sector has become absolutely necessary. In food-related environments, you have to reach the highest ever standards of cleanliness and hygiene, attainable only via frequent interventions and using effective machines. It's clear that these results need to be obtained with limited management costs and, at the same time, without compromising the quality and professionalism of the work.
Comac has always been committed to the development of products which may achieve the best result in floor cleaning with minimum operating costs.

Comac scrubbing machines are fundamental for resolving various problems in the food industry. They guarantee perfect sanitation, removing dirt from the floor and collecting it in a recovery tank which is easy to empty when work is completed. The excellent sanitation results are also ensured by the possibility to clean the machines really quickly and easily at the end of the day. The cleaner the machine, the better the hygiene results. It's for this reason that Comac offers machines that are amazingly quick to clean and sanitise. The recovery tanks, for instance, can be completely emptied without leaving any residue.
Drying is equally important. Comac scrubbing machines wash and dry perfectly in one single passage. This means you can clean in the retail outlets even when there are people present, without any risk of leaving a slippery floor, thanks also to the measuring system that controls the correct quantity of detergent. In this way, no unpleasant and slippery patina is created on the floor.

With the new Comac scrubbing machines, cleaning operations can be carried out in hypermarkets even during opening hours, thanks to the low noise level that does not disturb the environment or the people in it.

If you need to clean floors with a surface area of 400 to 1,200 sqm, Comac recommends the Vispa 35 scrubbing machine; for surfaces up to 2,000 sqm, there's the Antea scrubbing machine. In environments of limited dimensions where small solid waste, such as small pieces of vegetables or cold meats, must be collected, the sweeping version of Vispa 35 may be used, which carries dirt into a small dirt hopper.

For the cleaning of mid-sized surfaces, the walk-behind scrubbing machines Versa and Media and the ride-on Innova model are recommended.

For the cleaning of large surfaces, which may also present stubborn dirt, the scrubbing machines Optima or C130 may be used, which have high washing power thanks to the pressure of the brushes adjustable up to a 180 Kg (Model C130).