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Tourism Sector

Tourism and Hotel TradeHotels, Holiday Resorts, Campsites, Sea Ports

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm
  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
Tourism and Hotel Trade Tourism and Hotel Trade Tourism and Hotel Trade
A recent survey showed that the level of civilisation of a population is also measured by the degree of cleanliness to be found in the places where the people live and spend their time. The future will see an ever increasing threshold of cleanliness, keeping a high qualitative standard. Consequently, offering your guests a well-cleaned and sanitised environment will become an excellent visiting card, helping to improve the image of your premises.

A high concentration of tourists, or people travelling for work throughout the year, means that hotel staff have little time during the day to carry out cleaning jobs without being surrounded by their guests. Comac has therefore created machines with low sound emissions; disturbance is reduced to a minimum, so maintenance cleaning can be done at any time of the day.

With this in mind, the CA15 Silenzio vacuum cleaner could be used to remove dust even in rooms where maximum discretion is requested. The drastic noise reduction - just 53 dB (A)* - reached with this vacuum cleaner means you can work in conditions of absolute acoustic safety.
CA15 Silenzio can also be purchased with HEPA filters to capture micro-dust and thereby improve the quality of the air sent back into the room.

The latest Comac scrubbing machines are also very silent and allow carrying out cleaning operations in common spaces or around swimming pools (of a campsite for example) during the day without any type of sound disturbance to the people using them.
If cleaning staff once had to organise extra shifts to avoid disturbing the customers, Comac's silenced machines now allow the same operations to be carried out during normal working hours, avoiding those additional labour costs.

To present your reception lobbies in their greatest splendour, Comac recommends its polishing machines.
The CM1500 V single disc machine is ideal for quick polishing operations, and is now available in the version with dust suction as well, to give even better results.

To complete the cleaning operations, you can't beat the Vispa 35 scrubbing machine - fundamental for the fast but precise cleaning of floors with guaranteed hygiene results.

This little gem can be used for cleaning small surfaces in half the time taken with traditional, manual methods (mop and bucket), increasing productivity and eliminating physical efforts. The small Comac scrubbing machine thus guarantees clean surfaces with considerable economic savings.

* dB (A) ISO3744 at 1.5 m