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Well-being & Sports Sector

WellnessSpas, Beauty Institutes, Swimming Pools

  • Surfaces of SMALL dimensions 400-1,200 sqm

SportStadiums, Indoor Sports Arenas, Athletics Tracks, Sports Centre Changing Rooms, Gyms

  • Surfaces of MEDIUM dimensions 1,200-3,000 sqm
  • Surfaces of BIG dimensions 3,000-10,000 sqm
Hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are concepts that are beginning to take a particular importance in the wellness field for their preventive aspect.
Wellness and sports centres are highly-frequented environments where a high standard of cleanliness is essential, as is discretion.

Comac manufactures a range of products capable of resolving any cleaning problem even for different floors. For example, there's the range of Comac walk-behind scrubbing machines for cleaning the floors around swimming pools.
It's highly important to obtain the optimum level of sanitation in these environments. With the new water and detergent dosing system, CDS - Comac Dosing System, it is possible to adjust the correct amount of solution needed for a specific type of intervention, while reducing waste and operating costs to a minimum.
CDS by Comac allows using any types of detergent, whether acid or alkaline, to guarantee high cleanliness standards.

Hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are the key words for the little Vispa 35 scrubbing machine too. Designed to wash the floors of small areas, it's especially suitable for places in the health or sports sector.
The primary feature is the sanitation of the floor: Vispa 35 has a suction system that, immediately after washing, picks up the dirty water and collects it in a recovery tank, thereby removing all the dirt from the floor. At this point, the dirty water container can be emptied in the specific drainage areas. Cleaning specialists consider Vispa 35 indispensable now for work on small surfaces, especially in the health sector. Here in fact, the operator never comes into contact with the dirt removed from the floor (as could happen with the classic mop) because everything is collected in a special container.

Thanks to their simplicity, Comac, machines don't need specialised personnel. So they can be used at any time of day, by any member of staff, to perform those regular maintenance cleaning tasks.

The silence of Comac products allows you to work in absolute acoustic comfort, without disturbing those doing their physical exercise.

For cleaning outdoor public areas or athletics tracks on the other hand, you can use the powerful Comac sweeping machines fitted with good-sized collection containers and offering powerful suction to ensure excellent cleaning results.